About Us

Teba is the leading shop fittings design company. With over one20 years of tradition, Teba specializes in the design professional shop fittings. The Teba-Team materialize interior concepts according to the realities and legal circumstances of shop fitting as well as the economic success.

The centerpiece of our company has always been the production. We combine traditional craftsmanship with the most modern production machines and technics and work with quality and carefully selected materials, ready for extreme stress and longevity.

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Teba offers a number of routes to the correct shop fitting. It doesn’t matter which route you choose. The goal is always the same. You should always be satisfied with the final result.

teba can help everybody, from individual corner shops to large multiple stores, to find the right interior design. On some occasions it is finished solutions direct from the warehouse, on others it is exclusive interior design concepts with sole rights for the customer. In between are an infinite number of opportunities to create unique concepts and shops that promote sales. Our Crew assists you to make the right choices.

Many of our customers focus exclusively on teba’s standard range. Other customers turn to teba to create unique and personal concepts that reinforce their image with our standard range as a base. The third route is to not bother with standard at all and have us develop independent concepts that are exclusive in their kind. Regardless of route, we have shop fittings for all conditions, wishes and requirements.